Song Stories - I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN





The ending is the hardest part so, goodbye for now


You can’t see my bleeding heart so, goodbye for now

We always did the best we could and we always came around

Oh, I’ll see you again someday so, goodbye for now


I never thought this day would come but goodbye for now


It’s not farewell, it’s not so long, just goodbye for now

And everyone I love the most is right here with me now

I’ll see you all again someday so, goodbye for now


I wish that I could stay all night but, goodbye for now


You’d better know I’ll be alright so, goodbye for now

Of all the times that I had, some were good and some were bad

But all the ones that meant the most had you


Will you ever think of me after I’m gone


Will you remember my name, and all my songs

I didn’t get it all right, but I didn’t get it all wrong

And I hope I see you on a road that we’re both traveling on


I’ll see you all again someday so, goodbye for now



I originally wrote this song to be in some sort of montage for “The Deadliest Catch.” That original recording didn’t have the outro and it was super swampy and dirty sounding. This is probably the 3rd manifestation of the song since then. I always thought it was a cool song, but just needed a different arrangement.


My father-in-law passed away last year, and this song kinda took on a new meaning after that. The outro came to me afterwards, and I remember just thinking a lot about my own life and legacy, and how I want to be remembered.

Originally the song was just about some guy retiring from his job, but it’s become a whole lot more. I always say it, but that’s one of the things I love the most about songwriting. This song has already meant two very specific things to me, but who knows what it’ll mean to someone else?

TRIVIA: the rhythmic clicking throughout the song is actually a “master lock” being hit by a soft drum mallet.