Today is the day! Grab somebody you love and listen to this new EP that Garrison Starr and I released!

The journey to this record is a long one. When I was in high school, growing up in Memphis, I would always hear about this amazing girl playing music named Garrison. I never had the chance to meet her though. I finally had that chance in 2011, when I was out in LA opening for Kevin Devine on a couple of his residency dates at Hotel Cafe. I introduced myself, and tried to sound cooler than I was I'm sure. Then last year, I was out in LA and we'd been put together to a co-write. 

We instantly hit it off this time, and we ended up writing the first song on the EP (Baby, You Got Me). I think we both knew we had something special going on, so a couple months later, I called her up and asked if she wanted to work on some more cheesy love songs, and maybe do a record? She was in, and over the next couple months we worked on LOVEY DOVEY together, though most of it was remote. the other four songs we wrote over Skype, and we each worked on the record at our own studios in Memphis, and LA.

Anyway, I'm super excited about this new project and I hope you guys give it a listen! Let me know what you think!