Long Play is Here . . . Well, it's at my house.

Today, my album, Long Play arrived on my doorstep. I've been working on this album for several years now, and I'm so pumped to share it with everyone. A small part of me is a little nervous too (to be honest). 
So many people have helped me get this thing made! Josh RodgersBenjamin Sanders, and Brian Douglas Phillips all contributed their amazing musical talents and made this thing sound way better than it would have with just me! Valentina Mitzkat and Matthew Puckett both cowrote a song with me! Antony Bland and John Mathiason helped me make this album a reality and have been with me since the beginning! Bridget O'Gara BloomNate Larson, and SONGS Music Publishing have already gotten some of the songs featured on TV! And my beautiful wife, Claire, has put up with all my dumb ideas, and supported and encouraged me through all of them! I love all of you differently and in different amounts! THANK YOU! 
Long Play come out everywhere on 2/9/16. 
You can preorder it on iTunes starting on 1/26/16 (which would be your cheapest option, and the best situation for me).